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Federal Tax 1040

You may find it quite confusing to opt for the right tax form when it comes to filing your returns since several forms are there for your considerations. However, you need not worry for filing your federal tax returns. We are here to make your task quick and easy!


Federal tax 1040 form is one of the options, which holds all of your income, credits as well as deductions in a single place. Even if you are not aware of the variations of Form 1040, we can make it easier and faster when it comes to completing your tax filing task.


What is Form 1040 known for?

Form 1040 is the standard tax form which is used in the United States. American citizens and resident aliens can make use of this form to summarize all sorts of income, deductions as well as tax credits.


Availability of Different Types of Form 1040

The Internal Revenues Services has several forms that you are required to fill while it comes to filing your returns. For Form 1040, there are different options to choose from such as:


  • Form 1040

    Form 1040 is often known as a long form due to its length.

  • Form 1040A

    Form 1040A is shorter than the regular Form 1040. You can use it if your income is $100,000. Please remember that this form does not allow you itemize deductions.

  • Form 1040EZ

    If you are concerned about shorter form, then Form 1040EZ is what you are looking for. Only those whose age is below 65 and do not have dependents can use this form.


In short, you need to clearly determine as to which form is suitable for you - Federal 1040, Federal 1040ez, or Federal 1040a?


Prepare Federal Form 1040 With Us!

The Form 1040 is used for showing summary with different income and expenses tallied up on separate worksheets or schedules, and the results carried to the form 1040. We can help you go through these things and let you complete your Federal tax 1040 filing as per your data inputs.

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